Weird Food Gifts


Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

Given all the patently useless products out there, it's always striking to come across one that actually solves a longstanding problem. Okay, soggy cereal has probably never driven anyone to suicide, but when you consider the marginal impact it has … [Read More...]

Weird Clothes


Snooki Sneaker Slippers

Ah, Snooki. Unlike most people, I don't believe you have to love her or hate her. I believe you can do both, in equal measures. But however you might feel about the world's most celebrated trashy party girl, you must stand in awe of the phenomenon. … [Read More...]

Weird Geek Gifts


Yoda Backpack

For anyone who's ever dreamed of being Luke Skywalker, this Yoda backpack is pure old-school geek nirvana. Because as everyone knows, next to a lightsaber, the most important accessory for any Jedi-in-training is a little green dude riding on your … [Read More...]

Weird Science & Tech


Bugzooka Bug Catcher Vacuum

Much as we might like to think we're all immune to slick marketing, it's undeniable that sometimes a name alone can turn an ordinary product into a hot item. That's definitely the case with the Bugzooka Bug Catcher Vacuum, which undoubtedly serves a … [Read More...]